Thursday, January 5, 2012

Solange Azagury-Partridge Perfumes.

Partridge is a woman who makes designer jewelry and accessories which most of her pieces are a hit or miss for me, but her perfumes bottles look amazing on their own. Of course, it's one of those deals I could probably never afford and/or really just fork out the cash for one bottle of perfume. I mean, really, who would spend $285...for one? I thought I would share at least the glorious bottles and hope I can order samples of both from Beautyhabit; just to imagine what luxe would smell like (Beverly Hills' chihuahua shitting rainbows perhaps?). I actually read reviews online, and it's either a love or hate deal; either the best thing since Jesus or it smelt like grandma's ass.

"The scent is a heady mix of a sweet candy fused with the mystery of patchouli. A fresh top note of Italian bergamot combines with classic rose. Jasmine absolute fuses with labdanum, benzoin, tree moss and heliotrope. Finally, musk and vanilla bourbon create an addictive animal attraction." _Beautyhabit

"This modern COSMIC Chypre weaves together a milky-way of magical essences. It combines Solange's own sweet candy accord with an airy top note of bergamot, sparkling aldehydes and galbanum. The heart of the fragrance beats with classic blossoming rose, jasmine absolute and rare iris. Base notes of exotic patchouli, earthy vetiver, labdanum, opoponax from Peru, myrrh from Somalia, and sweetly addictive vanilla add layers of sensual aroma. To further embellish these earth-based substances, Meteorites have been specially ground down to create a fine Stardust for the fragrance." _Beautyhabit

If you tried the sample, fell in love with it and can't afford the perfume, you can also buy their Stoned candle for $65. Yeesh.

For some reason, the Cosmic perfume makes me think of Lady Gaga. Not too sure why.

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