Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Makeup: Medusa's Glitter in AK 47, Sputnik, and Liberace.

I recently placed an order with Medusa’s Make-up, primarily for a set of new brushes which I won’t be reviewing because everyone and their kid brother’s guinea pig has done a review of them, and they are all pretty much accurate: The brushes are awesome. They are a great deal for 35 dollars. Go out and buy them. Now.

I also purchased a few glitters and a set of sifters which I will be reviewing. I have two major weakness: the first being shiny things, the second: tassels. If a make up company made glitter and attached tassels to the package I would be further in debt than I already am, but for now I’ll just have my glitter addiction.

I purchased Sputnik a metallic silver, AK 47 a rainbow glitter with a hint of black, and Liberace an aqua blue, and Oh my God are they shiny. The swatches on the website could never to justice to how vibrant they are in real life. The glitter is the opposite of most cosmetic grade glitter, instead of being micro-fine like NYX’s Glitter Mania glitter, Medusa’s comes in large chunks that catch the light like little mirrors.

 This stuff is the essence of powdered drag queen.

Even without a specialized fixative, the glitter goes on skin thick and like herpes it lingers long after you think it’s gone. I put sputnik on last night, washed my face, went to bed, and the next morning I could still see little silver particles on my skin This stuff is a perfect product for creating a dramatic glitter lip. It loves lip gloss and it perfect for layering. I love, love this product.

Medusa’s packaging is my one pet peeve for an otherwise great company. The glitters and eye dust pots are made out of very thin, fragile plastic. The eye dust does not come with sifters like other mineral brands such as Aromaleigh or Meow Cosmetics, but for three dollars your can purchase a bag of six sifter for your eye dust. When I purchased a few eye dusts awhile back I saw that, and said “Wow, that’s dumb.” I bought the dusts without any sifters and resolved to just be super careful with them. Even the up most care and screwing the lids on tightly, the eye dust has gotten everywhere. There is Pennywise and Mary Jane residue all over my make-up case and it’s not as fun as it sounds. I finally broke down and bought a set of sifters (though mostly because I was three dollars away from free shipping). With the sifters in, now I can hardly get anything out of them I’ve stuck pins through the holes to make sure they aren’t clogged, but still very little pigment comes out at all unlike my Aromaleigh makeup that always gives a generous amount without being messy. I just can not win here.

And if you are wondering if you can put a sifter in the glitter, no, no you can not.

 out of five.

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